HeadRush Launches FREE ReValver 5 Amp Modeling Software


HeadRush, part of inMusic Brands, has launched ReValver 5, the latest version of the trademark amp modeling series.

It comes with a FREE version for Mac and Windows users, with additional modules that can be purchased separately.

ReValver 5 offers world-class guitar amp, stomp, effects, and proprietary ACT (Audio Cloning Technology)™ instrument models. 

According to what the company claims, their proprietary ACT has not only taken cabinet modeling and EQ matching to greater detail but also allowed the user to shape the sound of the guitar itself.

ReValver 5 makes it possible to clone the sound and characteristics of other instruments, such as acoustics, folk instruments, and even other electric guitar and pickup combinations.

To simulate the sound of tube amplifiers and effects with high accuracy, ReValver is built upon component-level modeling.  Every resistor, capacitor, and tube has been accurately modeled within the engine.

Other features include the RIR2 cabinet module and third-party impulse hosting, official Peavey and Budda models, third-party plugin hosting, unparalleled customization with schematic level editing, full MIDI mapping, and a GIG mode for live performances.

Virtually all parameters in ReValver modules can be controlled by MIDI. 

You can switch stomp boxes on and off, switch channels on amplifiers, and amp settings for unlimited control. 

The GIG Mode allows seamless switching between presets.

If you combine this option with advanced MIDI mapping, you’ve got all you need for your next live gig.

Another cool feature is adding your favorite effects and stompbox plugins or using third-party amp sim modules with ReValver’s advanced cabinet modeling. 

The main distinctive feature of ReValver is its unlimited and expandable tonal options.

Whether you’re into smooth jazz or the heaviest side of metal, and all points in between, you’ve got the tone you’re after covered.

In essence, it’s a must-try software for guitarists.

ReValver 5 is available as a standalone application or VST/VST3, AU, and AAX for Mac and Windows. 

Expansion bundles are available starting from USD 19.99 during the introduction promotion, which ends December 31st, 2023. 

Upgrades are available for existing ReValver 4 Producer Pack customers.

By the way, guitar amp sims aren’t the only way to distort your guitar recordings. You can get unique results by experimenting with other distortion plugins, such as our free BPB Dirty Filter Plus and the recently released Big Bad Tube by Psycho Circuitry.

Download: ReValver (FREE version available)


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  1. Bruno de Souza Lino


    I wouldn’t call this “free” simply because you have to authorize it using a physical USB device. This is the same free Slate’s Virtual Mix Rack has, which can only be authorized using a physical iLoK dongle.

    • Yep…from their site:

      “ReValver 5 will need to be locked to a USB device to activate the license. This can be, amongst others, anything from a memory stick, iLok2 (or other dongle), audio interface, or a USB hard drive.”

      I really don’t get the power iLok has over companies…they must have the best sales team in the world.

  2. Hey folks, any idea what the free version actually offers in terms of available amps, fx, cabinets? I’m not gonna bother if it’s a handful or less.

    • Bruno de Souza Lino


      You get less than what you would in Amplitube CS or Guitar Rig Player. One of the main selling points of Revalver was being able to open the amp schematics and change essentially everything from component values and so on. There are also some version 4 users saying this new version sounds inferior to version 4.

    • jim de jim la de la jim


      If it helps at all, you can see in the end of the review video above the second bank is called Free bank etc… expect to see at least 20 ready made sounds of various kinds. I have revalver 4 and over there you can use ALL the effects before you buy them. The premium ones just wont be saved in your project and there is a bleep playing every minute or so. I don’t mind the bleep. The paid presets have some awesome things inside. Watch another review if you want more details.

    • I came here to lol at comments tbh, nice name ;).

      I am probably going NAM(neural amp modeler) and guitarix for the most part.

      Good luck Kin_G.

  3. I don’t understand the point of this, if you want people to try your products turning them off by forcing them to go thru this makes no sense. If it’s free why do we need this ?!?

    I’ll pass !!

  4. Peter Dillon-Parkin


    Meh. Or you could just use the free Neural Amp Modeler and not bother with the hassle. I see the current wave of big cuts in the price of plugins being down to a realisation that machine learning is going to make quite a lot of this stuff redundant unless they offer a decent value proposition. If machine learning can model a voice (which is more complicated than any guitar or amp) it’s probably time up for overpriced plugins.

  5. You can scan 3rd party VSTs to use in the rack but it only works for VST2.4 and not VST3. Wonder what that’s all about.

  6. Why use anything less than Neural Amp Modeler. It’s free, uses less resources, smaller footprint and just sounds better. It’s not even a debate…

  7. More could have been said that yu get practically nothing with the free version and that in essence it’s a demo….big difference.

  8. I don’t like this at all, when I installed it to my P/C and plugged my guitar into my DAW the first thing I got was static and a whistling pitch that went from hi to low,won’t be using this at all.

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