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Awesome, read on and prepare to download some of the best free sample packs you can find!

From this page, you can access an archive of all the free sample packs that were previously featured on BPB or head on to our round-up articles in which you’ll find the best audio samples in different categories.

You can also access the BPB sample packs, all of which are available for free download.

Free Sound Libraries

Here at BPB, we enjoy featuring the best free music production software and soundware. If you’ve read our free VST plugins section and downloaded the best free DAW, now it’s time to move on to free sample packs and sound libraries.

Our free samples section contains several articles:

  • Free Kontakt Libraries
  • Free Drum Kits
  • Free Sound Effects
  • Free Piano Samples
  • Free Guitar Samples
  • BPB Samples

Each article lists the best free sound libraries in a particular category. More articles will be added soon, so stay tuned.

Free Kontakt Libraries

Free Kontakt Libraries

This is where you’ll find the best free sound libraries for Kontakt by Native Instruments. We only listed the libraries that are compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin.

Most sound libraries will only work in demo mode in Kontakt Player, but these are fully compatible with Native Instruments’ freeware virtual instrument.

You’ll find orchestral samples, drums, guitars, synths, and more. The free Kontakt libraries section is the best place to start expanding your sound arsenal.

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Free Drum Kits

Free Drum Kits

The drums are the foundation of every track. That’s why we foraged the internet to hunt down the best free drum kits you can download right now.

The article includes both acoustic and electronic drums. You’ll find expertly sampled 808s, EDM drums, acoustic drum kits, funk kits, jazzy drums, hip-hop drums, and more.

One simple but useful tip: don’t download too many drum samples. Quality is more important than quantity. Build a decent but compact collection of go-to drum sounds, and this will save you time when working on new projects.

No one wants to spend an hour searching for the right kick drum when they can have a small collection of 20-30 favorite kick samples that are properly categorized and ready to use.

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Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects

Whether you’re an electronic music producer, a film score composer, a video creator, or a sound designer, it’s always handy to have a set of good-quality sound effects at your disposal.

We selected the best free SFX libraries and listed them all in one place. You’ll find cinematic impacts, field recordings, foley, EDM sound effects, and more.

We paid special attention to only feature the websites that let you download the sounds without a subscription. Downloading sound effects should be simple.

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Free Piano Samples

FREE Piano Sample Libraries!

We didn’t forget about pianos, either. In our free piano samples article, you’ll find the best acoustic, electric, and toy piano sample libraries.

The article lists several multi-gigabyte piano libraries and a few smaller ones that are more lightweight. Sure, a large piano sample library usually means more samples and better quality, but we prefer using more performance-friendly piano sample packs when composing.

Most of the piano libraries are compatible with the SFZ format, which is completely free to use (unlike Native Instruments Kontakt).

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Free Guitar Samples

Free Guitar Samples

Guitars are hard to sample. It’s simply the nature of the instrument. You need many round-robin variations and velocity layers to make a sampled guitar sound natural.

Sometimes, a project needs a guitar track, and a good guitar sample pack is the easiest way to achieve this.

We listed some of our favorite free guitar sample packs that you can download and add to your DAW instantly.

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BPB Samples

BPB Analog Kicks (Free Sample Pack)

This is where you’ll find the free sound libraries released by Bedroom Producers Blog. We sampled various instruments, including synthesizers, drum machines, and even some old-school computers.

Our most popular sample collection is the BPB Cassette series. It features the BPB Cassette 808, BPB Cassette 909, and BPB Cassette 606 sample packs.

Our personal favorite is the Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions Deluxe sample library. If you’re a fan of the SID chip, you’ll love this one.

Another recent hit is the BPB Analog Kicks sample pack which contains hundreds of kicks from multiple analog drum machines.

Download: BPB Samples

If you’re looking for a way to play samples, check out BPB’s selection of the best free sampler plugins for Windows and macOS. Alternatively, take a look at the list of free sound module instruments.

Looking for more free samples? Check out our Free Soundware News section.