Psycho Circuitry Releases FREE Big Bad Tube Plugin


Psycho Circuitry releases Big Bad Tube, a FREE tube drive and distortion plugin for macOS and Windows.

Big Bad Tube is available in one of three versions:

  • Big Bad Tube (FREE)
  • Big Bad Tube+ introductory offer $19 – regular price $29)
  • Big Bad Tube EX (Introductory offer £35 – regular price $59)

Big Bad Tube+ offers three tube types and three filter controls, while Big Bad Tube EX is a two-channel version of the plugin with M/S, dedicated pre/post filter controls, and linked/unlinked controls.

Big Bad Tube+ is included in the download if you purchase the flagship EX version.

Despite the paid versions of this plugin offering more controls and features, simplicity is at the core of all three.

The developer forgoes unnecessary diversions in favor of a minimalist circuit path, focusing on non-linear harmonic distortion. The plugin’s architecture aims to capture wide open tube gain in its rawest form.

The free Big Bad Tube plugin offers a single triode mode and one filter control, adjusting a pre- and post- filters network. Other controls include In/Out knobs, Mix control, and, of course, the central Drive knob.

A quick look at the “About” page on the Psycho Circuitry website provides some insight into the developer’s approach to creativity and customer service.

I like that there is something of a personal touch that builds an image of a very hardworking individual. I’m sure many will be pleased to hear that there’s absolutely no sign-up, registration, copy protection, or DRM.

No trial versions are available for Psycho Circuitry’s paid plugins, but all paid plugins have a watered-down but free version.

Despite being a lite version, Big Bad Tube offers a quick and easy way to add harmonic excitement or far more destructive distortion.

Speaking of distortion, it would be remiss of me not to turn back the clocks to around this time last year when we released our BPB Dirty Filter Plus, a FREE filter and multi-mode distortion plugin.

And if you prefer the saturation side of tube amps, check out our free BPB Saturator plugin (and stay tuned for the update later this month).

Big Bad Tube is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (BigSur upwards) and Windows.

Psycho Circuitry recently released another free plugin called miniVCA. It’s a compressor effect that is completely free to download and use.

Check out the deals: Big Bad Tube (FREE / Big Bad Tube+ $ 19 / Big Bad Tube EX $35)


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  1. Psycho Circuitry is on the roll :) BTW, RLC – 79 is great. One of my favorite comps now (and I don’t get excited about new compressors for a long time now). The dev is a great guy, too. I contacted him to report very high CPU usage in Reaper and that I couldn’t make RLC – 79 recognize mono tracks (Reaper users know what I’m talking about). He responded very quickly, thanked for the info and said he would look into it. I checked two weeks later, saw there was a new version, downloaded and the CPU usage was like three times lower making the plugin absolutely usable on mono tracks, too. And then, a couple of days later I got an email from the dev letting me know that oversampling was redone and also “force mono” button was introduced. I just thought: “Wow, this was really quick” :)

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