Mercuriall Ampbox Now Offers FREE Guitar Effect Pedals


Mercuriall Audio updated the Ampbox guitar suite, offering everyone FREE access to the included guitar pedals.

Firstly, I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday; maybe you got some extra goodies this year under the tree!

That aside, today’s little tidbit of news is highlighting one of my favorite amp sims. I’ll just go ahead and say that I love Ampbox.

Ampbox has been an incredible ecosystem, and I’m a massive fan of the Euphoria and Rectofire amps inside it. That said, 1.3.1 brings some exciting new features for folks who haven’t been properly introduced to the Ampbox guitar suite.

Now, I could take the time and highlight the amps, but you aren’t here for that. If you’re looking for one of the best freebies to close out the year, Ampbox more than has you covered.

Here’s a quote from the developer explaining the latest free offer:

“Now all effects and pedals in Ampbox can be used completely for free, with no limitations! Just disable the preamp, power amp, and cab sections and use our premium pedals in pedalboard mode! For convenience, we’ve added the option to disable the visual display of the amp, allowing for more efficient use of space.”

You’ve got a smattering of overdrive and distortion pedals to play with and a wonderful chorus, delay, and reverb.

These are very much geared towards use with guitar, but I’ve used the Grid Slammer emulation with bass more times than I can count.

As far as overdrives go, you’ve got a classic TS-808, Grid Slammer, and SD-1 emulations to use. They all sound fantastic; I’m partial to the 808 and Grid Slammer, personally.

Distortions are also varied, as you’ve got a DS-1, MT-2, and RAT to use. I’ve spent the last hour or so fiddling around with the RAT emulation, and it sounds wonderful.

You can readily coax out those Obituary tones from the first album with ease or use them as a delightful boost in front of your clean amp of choice.

On top of that, you have a noise gate, tuner, IRs, and so much more. You might not have access to a free amp sim directly in Ampbox, but you’ve got all the fixings when it comes to sprucing up your guitar tone.

You could very easily use a preamp emulation and leverage the EL34 power amp inside of Ampbox for some killer sound.

Most importantly, everyone can now use the included guitar pedals for free. Simply download the plugin installer from the product page linked below and add it to your DAW to access dozens of guitar effects for free.

Below is a screenshot of the included guitar pedal emulations.

Free guitar effects in Mercuriall Ampbox.

Free guitar effects in Mercuriall Ampbox.

Ampbox is available for Windows and Mac computers. The pedal emulations and power amp are all free inside the amp suite.

If you want to use them with one of the built-in amp sims, I would heavily recommend Euphoria, as it is a jack-of-all-trades that I’ve used for metal, jazz, and just about everything else you might imagine. There is no expiration on the effects as well, so grab them at your leisure!

Simply disable the preamp and cabinet to use the built-in guitar pedals for free.

Simply disable the preamp and cabinet to use the built-in guitar pedals for free.

PLEASE READ: There seems to be some confusion about this article. To summarize, even if you don’t purchase Ampbox, you can now use all of the included guitar pedals for FREE. Simply disable the preamps and cabinets to use the built-in pedals without limitations.

Download: Ampbox (the included guitar pedals are FREE)


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    • Tomislav Zlatic


      The guitar pedals are FREE even if you don’t purchase the software. That’s what’s covered in the article. I’m adding another paragraph and a screenshot to clarify.

  1. Frady drops some decent free software links from time to time, so no need to call him out specifically and be a jerk about it. There have been a few duds from multiple contributors here – it’s just the nature of free plugins. Don’t like the inconsistency that comes with it? Then pay for all your software.

  2. For those wondering about the unclarity in the post, the guitar pedals seem to be free, working fine, and without limitations.

    To download the plugin you need to put in your email. Install process is pretty typical, no need to register or download downloaders. Just install one 250mb+ file. You get to choose if you want to install standalone app. Once you open the plugin as effect you get Preamp, Poweramp modules on by default. In those modules it says “This product is in a demo mode” it is unclear when demo mode expires and website says nothing about it. Turning off preamp and poweramp module clears the plugin screen and you can enable guitar pedal modules at any time. The website calls plugin “next gen” really nothing next gen about it. Does not give me a polished feel about it. The pedal sound personally is nothing special especially chorus pedal. I get the vibe that author is trying to help the developer out a bit which is nice. If you’re looking for a similar, but higher quality free plugin and don’t mind going through a software manager, I recommend trying Amplitube from IK Multimedia. Hope this helps somebody.

  3. Peter Dillon-Parkin


    To be fair the vendors themselves seem to be quite poor at explaining their gear and how it works. They are not alone in this. Not even alone in the guitar sim world.

  4. Most of the FX were already free which you can download independently, the Metal Area is particularly good, if that’s your bag. Put this up against IK Amplitude and it pales in comparison in both of sound and cost, especially when Amplitude MAX is on £70 for all the amps and all the effects, not just Mercuriall’s measly one amp offering.

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