Get UJAM Virtual Guitarist Silk For $10 Via Plugin Boutique


For a limited time, you can purchase the Virtual Guitarist Silk plugin by Ujam for only $10 at Plugin Boutique, a significant discount from its regular price of $129.

Silk, as the name suggests, enables the creation of smooth and elegant nylon guitar accompaniments with ease, featuring finger-picking styles. The user interface is well-designed, with logically organized controls.

The upper half of the interface is dedicated to selecting the virtual guitar’s playing method, offering access to phrases, chords, playing styles, timing, and similar functions.

The lower half focuses on the sound produced by the plugin. You have control over the guitar’s recording position, microphone setup, character, essential effects, and overall volume.

Delving deeper into Silk’s features, this virtual virtuoso contains 670 unique phrases across 60 different styles, providing many sonic possibilities and easy adaptation to your music arrangements.

The sampled instrument is a precious German concert guitar crafted in 1967 by a renowned instrument maker. UJAM did a fantastic job converting it into a highly playable virtual instrument with plenty of options for sound customization.

The Character control allows for quick switching between five channel strip combinations: Rich, Full, Original, Bright, and Sheen.

The symmetrical Mics parameter enables changes between five microphone setups. These two controls alone offer numerous creative options in terms of the virtual nylon guitar’s sound color.

A notable feature is the Animate knob, which adds subtle depth and movement to the original signal. For a more natural and realistic performance, there’s an option to include Fret Noise, and the Doubling function creates a thicker sound.

The built-in Reverb and Delay effects can enhance the dry signal with simple adjustments of the Dry/Wet amount and the Delay’s synced timing in musical subdivisions.

Other sound-shaping options include the Attack and Position knobs, allowing precise tailoring of the guitar sound.

The preset management system is intelligently designed, letting you choose whether to modify both the playing and the sound of Silk or just the playing style.

Silk also supports Native Instruments NKS, making it a delight for owners of Komplete Kontrol keyboards or Maschine, with crucial controls already mapped.

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows 64-bit systems, but unfortunately, it does not support M1 Apple Silicon.

Get the deal: Silk (only 10$ at Plugin Boutique for a limited time!) 


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  1. I already own this one, and to me it seems like version 2 is coming in January, selling v1 for so cheap is a good way to get many people on board when v2 comes out…

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