GPU Audio’s ‘Make Your Sound 3D’ Immersive Mixing Competition Is Ending Soon!


There are just 3 days left to enter the GPU Audio “Make Your Sound 3D” Immersive Mixing competition.

This isn’t the first contest run by the company, but it may be the first for you to involve immersive mixing.

The challenge is to create an immersive mix within the Vienna Power House / MIR Pro 3D software while using the provided Stem Pack as a starting point.

You’re free to add your elements, instruments, and 3D production touch.

If you’re new to immersive mixing, this involves placing any sound source into a virtually emulated 3D space.

To achieve that, you can download the demo of Vienna Power House and MIR Pro 3D software to create your entry, which is free for 30 days. 

Check out the tech details on the GPU Audio website to make sure your computer is compatible with the software.

It does not require you to have an immersive setup in your studio, the mixing can be done entirely on headphones using DearReality’s DearVR Monitor, which can also be downloaded as a free trial as well.  

Five winners will be awarded the full versions of Vienna Power House & MIR Pro 3D plus any chosen Room Pack, DearReality EXOVERB, DearReality dearVR MONITOR, as well as VSL’s Vienna Suite Pro. 

Winners will be selected within the following categories:

  • Most Creative Award
  • Most Professional Award
  • Most Experimental Award
  • Most Potential Award
  • Most Cinematic Award

Entries are welcome in any genre, using as much or as little as you want from the given Stem Pack and on both Mac or Windows systems.

The Stem Pack can be downloaded for free by logging in or signing up to the GPU Audio website and heading to the Downloads area.

It features an original composition by RATTLESNAKE feat MAIRI entitled ‘Breathe.’

The company also invites you to join their Discord server, for tips and tricks about the challenge and other future live events.

The competition closes soon, on December 15th, 2023, at 11:59 pm PST, so if you’re interested, get right in! 

Entries must be sent to [email protected] as an audio file in 24-bit Binaural Stereo WAV or AIFF file format.

It must contain a description and process for realizing your immersive mix, and you have to upload your track to Soundcloud or YouTube with the hashtag #GPUVSL3DSound.

If you like challenges like me, or you’re just curious to know more about immersive mixing, this could be a cool opportunity!

Visit for more info: GPU Audio (FREE Stem Pack included – Competition ends on December 15th at midnight!)


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  1. Fracture Sounds Festive Bells (the fourth instalment of their Blueprint series) is available to download:

  2. I’ve noticed very many of these sort of sites/services/competitions are actually just there to hijack your data and train their models, etc.

    For instance, what do you think happens if you upload something to say, some “mastering” site. Do you genuinely know what’s going on there, their policies etc? You have seen things that are not necessarily in your interest, haven’t you?

    Be wary.

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