Cradle Releases FREE State Machine BitFlip Virtual Instrument


Cradle’s new State Machine BitFlip plugin is a FREE retro-gaming-inspired instrument for macOS and Windows.

If you miss the days of the 8-bit Sega Master System, the original Nintendo (NES), Atari 7800, or any other classic games console, Cradle has the perfect walk down memory lane for you.

State Machine BitFlip is a free instrument that sounds like your favorite games from the olden days when anything more than two buttons was too much.

Cradle has taken authentic sounds from retro/vintage consoles and computers, creating an instrument perfect for any chiptune or 8-bit-inspired song or soundtrack.

The music we hear in Triple-A video games these days is typically crafted by exceptional composers and performed by gifted musicians. I grew up with game consoles, and I think it’s fantastic that the music accompanying gameplay is every bit as layered and emotionally gripping as a Hollywood blockbuster.

However, there was something magical about music that couldn’t suggest anything other than relax, everything’s okay, or the bad guys are here.

State Machine BitFlip is the sound of in-game music that tells us exactly what is going on without asking us to think about it.

Cradle partnered with 8UP to curate the perfect sounds for State Machine BitFlip, which has 20 source sounds and 40 presets.

The presets are all very suitably named, with options like Rare Cartridge, Extra Life, and Space Runner. One of my favorite presets is Frantic Escape; it’s typical of so many games of that era, and I remember the panic that set in as that kind of music started.

Presets are grouped into categories: Arp, Bass, Brass, Keys, Leads, Pads, and SFX.

State Machine BitFlip also features a range of audio and MIDI effects that help craft something unique if the presets don’t get it done for you. The effects include Lo-Fi Reverb, Delay, Bitcrusher, DIY Chorus, and EQ.

There’s also a useful arpeggiator and the option to change chord/scale qualities.

State Machine BitFlip is a nice trip down memory lane and also an excellent instrument for the right project.

If this freebie doesn’t fill your nostalgia fix, don’t forget to check out the free VHS Noise Generator from SampleScience and our free Commodore 64 plugin.

Any favorite game soundtracks?

Other than the iconic ones like Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc., I loved the soundtrack for my first visit to Racoon City in the original Resident Evil (I know I’m getting a bit ahead of the 8-bit days).

State Machine BitFlip is available in AU, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.14 upwards) and Windows (10 – version 2004 upwards).

Download: State Machine BitFlip (FREE)


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  1. Chipsounds by Plogue is a great (albeit paid) alternative. It’s more or less a workstation for these types of low-bitrate sounds!

    • But as you stated, it’s a commercial plugin. I’m sure the Plogue vst is great (I own their Chipcrusher and I love it) but it’s more money than I’m willing to spend for such a niche sound, so I’ll gladly stick with State Machine Bitflip, Audiothing’s miniBit, and my various 8-bit samples for the time being.

    • Thanks for info!

      A good thing with UVI is that they let users decide if using their portal, or downloading the product straight up

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