Noctua Is A Free Cinematic Virtual Synthesizer For UVI Workstation


UVI and Venus Theory released Noctua, a freeware sample-based virtual instrument for the UVI Workstation plugin.

We’re getting closer to the holidays, my dear readers. As such, it’s that time of year when you’ll find some serious goodies slung your way.

UVI’s new Noctua sample library is a beautiful cinematic instrument for the free UVI Workstation or UVI Falcon. The library, made in conjunction with Venus Theory, is some of the most fun I’ve had this year tinkering around with an instrument.

So, what is Noctua? Noctua is built with cinematic sounds and composition in mind and comes with some interesting features.

You have three layers to play with when creating sounds or using presets. The first two layers rely on bespoke samples from effects boxes, analog synths, and feedback from the emission of electromagnetic interference.

In addition, you’ve got a chunky sub-oscillator, which sounds fantastic. Now, the sound sources would be enough for me to suggest snagging Noctua. However, that doesn’t do much lip service to the features of this instrument.

Tucked away in each layer is a sequencer, which has randomization and probability functionality.

It might not get into full generative territory necessarily, but it is more than enough to create fascinating and evolving textures and melodies. The sequencer is also microtonal, meaning you can easily get into avant-garde territory.

You’ve got a handful of one-knob effects present. They sound fine to my ears, and I’m a big fan of the reverb and the delays.  Thankfully, you can assign these per layer.

Things can be further polished off by the inclusion of an overdrive, EQ, maximize, and compressor at the end of the signal chain.

This isn’t your bread-and-butter synth. Noctua wouldn’t be my first pick for most things. However, for something that creates interesting textures and evolving sequences. I think it has some real intrigue to it, which goes beyond some of my other interest choices.

I’m admittedly new to the UVI ecosystem when it comes to sound packs, but this certainly has me convinced to take a further look.

You’ll need UVI Falcon or Workstation to run Noctua. A free account is necessary to authenticate and redeem this offer.

Download: UVI Noctua (FREE – account needed)


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  1. A bit of a pain to mess with but worth it- Venus Theory makes some killer stuff and this is easily one of his best releases so far. Super atmospheric and eerie ambient sounds. and very unique as well

    • Yes. It requires ILok for a free instrument (which makes no sense). I wish I could support Venus Theory, but I’ll find some other way. I cannot support iLok.

  2. i went thru all the annoying hoops of creating an account and installing uvi portal & workstation just to find out i gotta fuck around with ilok, i’ma have to pass 🤦🏾‍♂️

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