Bedroom Producers Blog launches the New Year Giveaway with over $2,000 in music production prizes for 20 winners.

A huge THANK YOU to the sponsors who made this giveaway possible: Image-Line, UJAM, Cableguys, Techivation, Polyverse, Karanyi Sound, A Sound Effect, AudioThing, and Flame Sound.

And another big THANK YOU goes to you, dear BPB readers, for your support in 2023. Thank you for being a part of the Bedroom Producers Blog and our music producer community! ❤️

Here’s the list of available prizes (one prize per winner)

  • 1 x Image-Line FL Studio 21 Signature Bundle
  • 3 x Ujam Usynth Bundle
  • 1 x Cableguys ShaperBox Bundle
  • 2 x Cableguys ReverbShaper
  • 1 x Techivation M-Compressor
  • 1 x Polyverse Supermodal
  • 1 x Karanyi Sound Cloudmax
  • 1 x Karanyi Sound Midnite
  • 1 x AudioThing Reels
  • 2 x A Sound Effect Pack
  • 6 x Flame Sound Firestarter SFX Complete

Read more about the prizes below and scroll to the bottom to learn how to enter the giveaway.

Image-Line FL Studio 21 Signature Bundle

Image-Line FL Studio 21 Signature Bundle

FL Studio 21 doesn’t really need an introduction. Image-Line kindly offers the FL Studio 21 Signature Bundle as the prize, an all-in-one music production suite packed with virtual instruments, effects, and lifetime free updates.

There are simply too many features to cover in a couple of paragraphs. Still, some of my favorite FL Studio 21 assets are the Slicex sample editor, the Newtime time manipulation tool, and the incredibly versatile Gross Beat multi-effect.

You also get FL Studio’s new AI-powered stem separation functionality, one of the best step sequencers on the market, and an entire suite of FL Studio effects for mixing and mastering.

The latest FL Studio 21 version introduced several new effects, including the LuxeVerb reverb plugin and the Vintage Phaser effect.

On a related note, Image-Line recently launched the Year-End Sale with a sitewide 25% OFF discount on all products and bundles.

Ujam Usynth Bundle

Ujam Usynth Bundle

The Usynth Bundle is a versatile collection of virtual instruments, covering everything from chiptune sounds to vintage analog synths and beyond.

Ujam is famous for its performance-oriented take on virtual instruments and effects. The company specializes in creating intuitive and playable plugins that sound absolutely incredible out of the box.

The Usynth Bundle is no exception, packing seven virtual instruments with over 700 presets for genres like pop, electronic music, ambient synthwave, and more.

If you like instruments that don’t require a lot of tweaking to sound good, the Ujam Usynth lineup is the perfect pick. Ujam kindly provided three Usynth Bundle licenses for three lucky BPB readers.

Ujam is also running a sale on various plugin collections, including an epic 87% OFF deal on the LoFi Bundle.

Cableguys ShaperBox + ReverbShaper

Cableguys ReverbShaper

One lucky winner will get the Cableguys ShaperBox bundle, and two winners will get the ReverbShaper plugin.

ShaperBox is the flagship modulation powerhouse from Cableguys. It combines ten versatile effects into one interface with insane modulation features.

The modulation capabilities are seemingly endless with ShaperBox. You get drawable LFO waveforms, envelope followers, and a 3-band multiband for each effect, letting you create dynamic rhythmic effects, solve complex mix problems, and enhance your music creatively.

ReverbShaper is a standalone reverb plugin with Cableguys’ signature modulation capabilities. You can add movement to almost every reverb parameter using highly customizable LFOs and custom waveforms.

Cableguys also announced the Winter Sale is also now on!

The ShaperBox 3 Bundle, which contains the new ReverbShaper and nine additional effects worth $340, is only $89 during the sale.

Techivation M-Compressor

Techivation M-Compressor

Techivation offers the M-Compressor ($149) plugin to one lucky BPB reader.

M-Compressor is a sophisticated spectral audio compressor that offers downward and upward compression, targeting individual frequencies rather than the overall signal level.

This approach allows for distortion-free dynamic processing, with dynamic thresholds that balance compression across the spectrum, enhancing ambiance and achieving more aggressive compression effects if needed.

Techivation also launched the Holiday Sale, with a 70% discount on the Full Bundle and 40% off select individual plugins.

Polyverse Supermodal

Polyverse Supermodal

Polyverse offers one lucky winner a Supermodal ($99 value) filter plugin license.

Supermodal is a versatile filter-based multi-effect plugin for electronic music producers and sound designers.

It features a twin-filter engine with a standard state-variable filter that morphs between high-pass, band-pass, and low-pass modes. The standout feature is the unique ‘modal’ filter that filters audio through resonances, mimicking various struck or vibrated objects.

Supermodal also boasts an advanced modulation system, occupying the lower half of the GUI, where every parameter of both filter engines can be automated or modulated.

The robust modulation engine offers four modulation slots, six modulation sources (including ADSR, Sequencer, and Random), and stereo operation possibilities, allowing dynamic sound shaping.

Polyverse also launched the Winter Sale with up to 30% discounts on individual plugins and bundles. Supermodal is on sale for $69, and the all-in-one bundle is currently $349, down from $544.

Karanyi Sounds Cloudmax and Midnite

Karanyi Cloudmax

Karanyi Sounds offers the Cloudmax reverb plugin and Midnite hybrid guitar instrument to two lucky winners (one prize per winner).

Midnite is a versatile virtual instrument featuring a 5-module multi-layer engine, analog-modeled effects, and a randomizer. It was designed to create rich atmospheres, leads, and complex pulses, making it perfect for electronic music and cinematic sound design.

Cloudmax is a unique reverb-based “Texture Resonator” audio plugin. It combines a dual granular engine, reverb, tape emulation, filter, and EQ into one unit, offering over 110 presets and smart randomization features.

Karanyi Sounds also launched the December Deals sale with up to 86% off in discounts on plugins and bundles. You can also get Vapor Dimension and Technocolor for free if you purchase Midnite.

AudioThing Reels

AudioThing Reels Review

AudioThing offers the Reels plugin to one lucky BPB reader.

Reels emulates a distressed Japanese quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape recorder, offering a unique, grungy distortion and signal-mangling processor rather than a typical tape simulation.

AudioThing’s tape saturator is a unique tape emulation plugin offering more than just the traditional tape sound, with features like tape delay, stop simulation, and other creative effects.

Reels is one of my go-to tape plugins because I love its ability to subtly color music and bring cohesiveness to tracks. It also includes different tape types and saturation adjustment controls, so it’s easy to customize the tape saturation to fit your project perfectly.

Read more in our AudioThing Reels review.

A Sound Effect Packs

A Sound Effect

A Sound Effect offers two custom packs sourced from Slava Pogorelsky’s Complete Bundle.

The first pack delivers 30+ premium electromagnetic sound effects, perfect for creative sound design and experiments.

The second pack brings the winner a number of glass sound effects, from crunching, scratching, and scraping to tonal textures, glass movement sounds, and more.

A Sound Effect is currently running a sale with up to 92% off sound libraries, plugins, and virtual instruments.

Flame Sound Firestarter SFX

Firestarter SFX by Flame Sound

Lastly, I offer the Firestarter SFX trailer sound library by Flame Sound (my sound design label) to six lucky winners!

It’s a collection of cinematic sound effects like impacts, braams, tension, builders, booms, and more. You can use it for cinematic projects, but it also works for layering and adding tension to electronic music.

You’ll get 250 royalty-free sounds in 24-bit WAV quality. The Complete edition also includes cool bonuses like the Heatwave soundscape collection and royalty-free field recordings.

Check out the trailer below to hear some of the included sounds.

The Giveaway

We have $2,000 worth of prizes for 20 lucky winners. Once again, thank you to the sponsors for providing the fantastic prizes!

In our Black Friday giveaway, we asked you about your music production goals for 2024. The vast majority of readers responded that they wanted to finish more songs.

So, let’s make those dreams a reality by turning them into an actionable plan!

To enter the giveaway, please answer this question in the comments below: What steps will you take to finish more songs in 2024?

Post your answers below (please double-check your email address before posting because that’s the only way I can contact you if you win) and refresh this page on January 1st to learn the names of the lucky winners.

The winners will be picked randomly and announced on this page on January 1st, 2024.


The lucky winners are listed below. We will deliver the prizes via email starting tomorrow (January 3rd, 2024). All prizes should be delivered by January 5th, 2024.

Congrats to the winners, and a big thank you to all participants!


  • Andreas Eden Ekendahl

Ujam Usynth Bundle

  • Phonem
  • Vlad
  • Paulo Roberto Leite

Cableguys ShaperBox Bundle

  • fdc

Cableguys ReverbShaper

  • Mark
  • Jens Kedfeldt

Techivation M-Compressor

  • Nikita

Polyverse Supermodal

  • JoshD

Karanyi Sound Cloudmax

  • Yaniv

Karanyi Sound Midnite

  • Mike

AudioThing Reels

  • Prodgento

A Sound Effect Pack

  • Nakura
  • Min Sako

Flame Sound

  • J-Unit
  • Jonah Gray
  • Chris
  • Henry Olsen
  • Andre
  • Steve todd

Good luck, and thank you for reading BPB (and feel free to share this page with your friends)! ❤️

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