Lifeline Console Lite Is FREE Until January 2nd!


Excite Audio and Plugin Boutique offer the Lifeline Console Lite analog enhancement plugin as a FREE download until January 2nd, 2024.

Lifeline Console Lite offers five modules for audio processing, including preamp, EQ, compressor, modulation, and wear. Its main purpose is to add warmth, character, and other analog-style enhancements to digital audio recordings.

The preamp module is where you’ll find Lifeline Console’s saturation capabilities. It features three preamp modes (Bright, Warm, and Dark), each resulting in a different type of saturation and tone coloration.

My favorite option is the Warm mode, which gently colors the signal without sounding too harsh or dull. The Dark mode is suitable for emulating lo-fi recording equipment and for making digital synths sound less harsh.

The EQ module provides high and low shelf and cut options, with three modes (Gain, Vintage Circuit, Dirty Circuit) for tone shaping.

The modulation section simulates pitch variations found in vintage audio formats like Tape, Vinyl, and Cassette. If you’re looking for a more advanced tape simulation, check out our free BPB Dirty VHS plugin.

The wear module adds noise, hum, and artifacts to shape the audio’s tone and feel, with three wear modes (Tape, Vinyl, and Cassette).

Lifeline Console Lite is fairly easy to use. You can switch the individual modules on or off and customize their properties using the available controls.

For those who don’t like manual tweaking, Excite Audio provided an extensive set of 100 presets. The presets cover a wide range of settings, from lo-fi home recording equipment to high-end analog gear.

You can hear the plugin in action in the demo video below.

Lifeline Console Lite usually costs $49, but you can get it for free via Plugin Boutique until January 2nd, 2024.

To claim your free copy of Lifeline Consolte Lite, visit the product page linked below, add it to your shopping cart, and apply the coupon code Holiday23 at checkout. This will reduce the price to zero.

Lifeline Console Lite is compatible with both macOS and Windows, supporting VST and AU plugin formats. An internet connection is required for software authorization.

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  1. This is a pretty cool plug-in, a bit like RC-20 Retro Color, that can be used as a channel strip. After playing with it for 15 minutes (trying out the presets and tweaking a few things), I really like it.

  2. Visnu Espiritu


    it’s time to exploit yourself in the labor market, hahaha… no, I think that cultivating creativity is what makes the difference and it’s time to give priority to it…

  3. i wonder how smart it is to make this plugin look EXACTLY like Expanse Lite? i must have seen this plugin 1000 times until i realized that it’s not expanse, and that i should get it lol

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