SoundFingers Dub Stage Piano Is FREE For A Limited Time


Dub Stage Piano is an acoustic piano plugin for Reggae, Dub, Hip-Hop, and Rock. It’s a sample-based virtual instrument, but the developer SoundFingers provided plenty of options for customizing the sound.

The plugin features an ADSR envelope, an EQ, a filter, a reverb module, and a set of modulation effects. SoundFingers also included an Impact control, which seems to operate as a transient shaper. It’s helpful if you want to make the piano sound more snappy.

The interface sports a modern-looking dark GUI with a large ADSR envelope display and a virtual keyboard. The EQ, filter, and modulation settings are organized in separate tabs. The interface is also resizable, which is always a welcome feature.

As for the sound, Dub Stage Piano can fit a variety of pop and rock genres. It’s definitely not a classic-sounding piano. It has a modern, bright sound.

Dub Stage Piano works best for simple piano riffs, chord stabs, and lead melodies. If you’re looking for a modern pop piano, the included effects will let you transform the base piano samples into something more interesting.

According to the developer, Dub Stage Piano was inspired by classic piano sound modules. So, don’t expect a sampled acoustic grand piano. What you’re getting here is a pop piano that will sound great in a modern pop mix.

SoundFingers offers the Dub Stage Piano as a free download for a limited time as a Christmas gift. You can download it directly from the product page linked below. It doesn’t require you to sign up prior to downloading.

You’ll get a ZIP archive containing the plugin installer (EXE), and the download size is 308 MB.

Dub Stage Piano is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems and supports VST3 and AU formats. You can download it from the SoundFingers website for a limited time.

Visit our free piano VSTs page for more freeware piano options. You can also check out the free Upright Piano plugin by 99Sounds.

Download: Dub Stage Piano (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. I’m getting a lot of use out of this so far. Not sure what it is exactly but I find it super useful as an instrument used for coming up with new melodies. It’s now part of my default Ableton set – I expect a lot of mileage out of this one. Very appreciated!

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