Get A Special Discount On Kontakt Factory Library 2


Native Instruments Kontakt Factory Library 2 ($99) is now on sale and available for the FREE Kontakt player.

Native Instruments Kontakt Factory Library 2 was previously exclusive to owners of Kontakt 7 (paid version). The only way to access the extensive library was to purchase the full version of Kontakt, but not anymore.

Now, Native Instruments is offering the massive library for a special price of £89, and it’s compatible with the free Kontakt 7 Player.

This special price is only available till January 15, 2024.

Kontakt Factory Library 2 contains over 43GB of samples and almost 900 individual instruments. The library features a versatile mix of deep-sampled acoustic and electric instruments, drum machines, analog synths, vocals, and more.

Kontakt Factory Library 2’s versatility is as impressive as the sound quality, with collections like Orchestral, Choir, Beat, Band, and Acoustic.

It may come as no surprise that Orchestral is one of my early favourites, so that’s where I’ll start.

These days, when a leading developer releases an orchestral collection or instrument, they are trying to create more than just an authentic sound; they are trying to recreate something iconic or genuinely world-class in every sense.

For example, a cello library isn’t just about recording a cello; it’s about the right cello, played by the best musicians in a prime location; if you care about that stuff, Native Instruments ticks every box here, and it sounds beautiful.

Pairing the Orchestral and Choir collections is a media composer’s dream. Orchestral was created in collaboration with Orchestral Tools.

The Band collection should be a go-to choice for multiple genres with basses, electric pianos, horns, organs, and guitars.

The Vintage collection has 292 deep-sampled electronic instruments, bringing the sound of some of the most sought-after classic gear.

It’s also worth noting that the full version of Kontakt 7 is on sale just now, along with various other discounts across the Native Instruments online store.

I’ve had very mixed reactions to Native Instruments products over the years. I was a very early fan of the original Maschine, Massive, and early Kontakt libraries, but my enthusiasm for new releases faded, and I eventually tuned out to an extent.

But I have to say, I love some of the sounds in these collections, and maybe I’ll get back on the NI train and see where it goes.

If you’re not sure about the discounted Kontakt Factory Library 2 yet and want something completely free, check out the New York L 1926 piano if you haven’t already – it is just lovely!

Check out the deal: Kontakt Factory Library 2 (Available for €99 until January 15th, 2024)


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  1. Királyfi Szilárd


    The contact crossgrade costs the same now. So that’s the price of the complete Kontakt, which includes Kontakt Factory Library 2, plus now you get 2 audio libraries from the play series as a gift.

    Among others, these free audio libraries are also good for crossgrade. Activate one for Kontakt Player.

    Happy holidays to all our dear members.

  2. Seems like you can buy the full Kontakt from a few different places for a similar price and get these libraries for free. That’s prob a better idea if you’re considering this.

  3. If you own Kontakt Full 6 you can download for free all these libraries except Orchestral and Choir. Exactly the ones I wanted the most. But the others are truly awesome, nevertheless.

    • Yes, “Kontakt Factory Selection 2”, included in the free Komplete Start, contains Acoustic, Band, Beats, Synth and Vintage. And the update price to get Kontakt 7, along with the Orchestral and Choir, is $49.50. So it seems NI are being naughty offering this to Kontakt 6 owners, when spending half the amount can get them more.

      • Nick, that’s right, I’ve not being paying attention to the prices of Kontakt lately. I guess they’re trying to sell this to those who don’t want to buy Kontakt. But for those who can upgrade to 7, they can spend half this amount (with the sale that is currently going on) and get all of these libraries.

  4. COOPMUSIC, what do you mean precisely? What would be the “full library”? To the best of my knowledge this “Factory Selection 2” is a bundle of full libraries. What leads you to think they are incomplete?

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