TDR Prism Is A New Free Analyzer Plugin By Tokyo Dawn Labs


The TDR Prism frequency analyzer is free to download at the Tokyo Dawn Records websiteThe plugin is available for Windows and macOS, and the company describes it as a “modern frequency analyzer with a focus on human audio perception.”

Tokyo Dawn Records has provided a very easy install process, as you can just click download and get the plugin without needing to provide an email address.

The TDR Prism is designed to be easy to use and configurable, as well as to provide “precise insight into the spectral properties of a signal.”

The analyzer has a range of spectral weighting/tilting methods as well as a real-time indication of auditory masking and peak/RMS smoothing options.

The plugin is able to visualize and compare the spectrums of different sources. This is possible not only for audio files but also for regular and sidechain inputs, as well as other instances of Prism. 

Tokyo Dawn Records has also included automatic marker lines, screen magnification, and tone generator options to assist with inspecting audio signals. 

The plugin is designed to be visually appealing and to provide high-precision plotting, and looking at the interface, it appears the company has achieved these goals.

The user interface is also fully resizable and includes fullscreen support. 

The TDR Prism is fully featured and Tokyo Dawn Records doesn’t provide a bigger, paid version – this is the only dedicated spectrum analyzer in their lineup of plugins. 

Tokyo Dawn Records has made the plugin available for Windows Vista or above and Mac OS X 10.9 or above.

The TDR Prism is a new release from the company, which at the same time released the TDR Special Filters Bundle. The four-plugin bundle retails for €80.00/$80.00.

Currently, you can get the bundle cheaper, though, as Tokyo Dawn Records is currently running the No Brainer sale, which offers 40% off all plugins in their range. The sale ends in six days. 

As you can see on the Tokyo Dawn Records product page, in addition to their paid lineup, the company also provides a total of five free plugins.

Apart from the TDR Prism, the other free plugins from the company are the TDR Molotok (compressor), TDR Nova (dynamic parallel equalizer), TDR Kotelnikov (wideband dynamic range controller), and TDR Vos SlickEQ (mixing/mastering equalizer).

Download: TDR Prism (FREE)


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  1. Very nice, it’s freshly released so I’m experiencing some GUI buggy behaviour. But nonetheless excellent, competitors (Voxengo SPAN, SIR spectrum analyzer, Melda MAnalyzer) require you to purchase paid version to access linking to other plugin instances in the same project. Hopefully other companies are going to adapt to this.

    • It covers all my needs. This one replaced SPAN for me. Easy to use, free, low on CPU, TDR… no need to say more…

      THANK YOU!

    • the free SIR Audio shows the notes in each peak. very useful!

      the free version doesnt save the presets. a workaround in Ableton is to config it as you want, and then group it into a rack. save the rack.

  2. Bout to say, yeah TDR always gets a good look. This may indeed replace SPAN for me, but will THE Dan help me set it up? Lol

  3. I love all of Tokyo Dawn Labs’ tools, and SlickEQ GE is hotkey-ed plugin of mine, but I think it’s a little early to be replacing SPAN, which is a ridiculous package of convenience and features, plus its streamlined multi-channel view setup. But I do understand the often unhealthy habit we have as producers and mixing and mastering engineers, replacing the old with whatever is shiny & new. I saw this happen with Voxxengo’s Elephant too, which is a stellar Limiter, but every time something new drops, Newfangled Audio’s Elevate, or Brainworx’ bx_limiter True Peak, etc., etc., people flock to The Shiny—not to say either of those mentioned are bad Limiters at all—the need for the newest and fastest and best…est, is the issue.
    I’ll be giving this a run, and who knows, maybe each will have their place for specific tasks, or maybe Prism will become the new kid in my DAW, it’s really too early to tell, but for now, SPAN Plus will be staying in my templates.

  4. Yes, TDR has released a good plugin, there is a lot of talk about others whose cost is like… But, there are plugins that are better, more convenient and cheaper, for example Psyscope Pro, look what this plugin can do at the moment :)

  5. I hadn’t checked out Psyscope Pro before, but that looks better in some ways than the Vision 4x, the lite version of which is available as a freebie with purchase from Plugin Boutique. As for supporting the new, I’m always looking for ways to support new developers because I like to invest in the new stuff and people. Often the new developers need the support (financial) and $20 can mean the world to them. The new stuff in this case is just an old friend, who I’ve supported in the past. Too bad there isn’t a price attached on one hand, but thanks to TDR just the same. Looks pretty and these youtube videos I’m making need all the makeup they can get.

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