Get Up To 80% Off SoundToys Plugins During The Black Friday Sale


Up until the 1st of December, you can get your hands on the mighty Soundtoys‘ catalog of plugins at highly discounted prices on PluginBoutique.

Some of them are discounted up to 80% off during the SoundToys Black Friday Sale, starting from $29 to $49 for single plugins. Alternatively, if you want to go ‘all in,’ the Complete Collection and the Effect Rack are 50% off.

Also note that every purchase comes with a free plugin among the choices of Drum Synth, Mellow 2, Dawesome Love, Vision 4X Lite, or the LA-2A compressor.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best offers.


Crystallizer, now costing $29, is one of my favorite Soundtoys plugins.

They call it ‘Granular Echo Synthesizer’ since it combines pitch shifting with granular reverse echo processing. It’s based on the Eventide H3000’s innovative ‘Reverse Shift’ algorithm, and it’s an awesome tool for sound design.

Crystallizer brings granular echo slicing, old-school pitch shifting, and powerful new features together into one inspiring tool.

Compared to the modeled hardware, they added MIDI sync and automation, built-in Gate and Duck features, and low-cut and high-cut filters.

It’s perfect for generating rich, shimmering, and textured soundscapes out of any instrument, like a guitar, piano, or even a drum loop.


Decapitator is hands-down one of Soundtoys’ best-sellers over the years, and it’s available right now at $49.

It’s a versatile saturation tool that can go from subtle to extreme.

It includes five different analog saturation models to choose from, and it’s the mix engineers’ first choice when it comes to adding character to any track or instrument in a mix. 

Each model has its unique sound when you hit the Punish button and crank up the Drive knob for more character.

The Tone control lets you shape the saturated sound, while the Mix knob lets you blend in some dry signal for parallel processing without the hustle of complex routing or sub-mixes. 


SuperPlate, now available for $49, is Soundtoys’ latest addition to their line of products, and it’s the ‘big brother’ of their old, tiny Little Plate plugin.

SuperPlate conveys the unique tonal character of five classic electromechanical plate reverbs inside your DAW: the EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, Stocktronics RX4000, and the EcoPlate III reverb units. 

One of the coolest features is the Auto-Decay section, which shortens the decay time to a desired Target setting when the input signal is above the adjustable Threshold. 

It’s crucial to keep the reverb tails clear and avoid muddiness in a mix. 

All plugins are available for 64-bit Windows and macOS machines, with VST2, VST, AU, and AAX Native as plugin formats.

Get The Deal: SoundToys Black Friday Sale (Up to 80% off selected plugins until December 1st)


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