Valhalla Super Massive Updated With Two New Modes


ValhallaDSP updated its free Valhalla Super Massive plugin with two new reverb modes.

Regarding algorithmic reverbs and delays, Sean Costello is an absolute wizard. ValhallaDSP has been one of those top choices for years now, and we’ve got a wonderful freebie in the form of Super Massive.

Of course, Super Massive is already featured on our list of the best free reverb plugins, but it just got even better.

While Valhalla Room did see an update recently, the celebrated Super Massive received two modes.

This brings the total modes available in Super Massive up to 20 with this latest update, which is absolutely huge for a freebie reverb and delay. The two new modes are called Leo and Virgo, and as the constellation-inspired names might imply, they are out of this world.

Leo is characterized by its huge decay and is a fairly dense reverb overall. Filtering has been added to the reverb’s decay, which should lend itself to a more natural response.

I was grinning ear-to-ear on this one after hearing it in some generative ambient sequences I drummed up in VCV Rack. It sounds huge, and you’ve got ample room to use reverb as its own instrument, which has always been a favorite bad habit of mine.

Next up is Virgo, which is more in line with a smaller room or ambiance. The decay times are shorter, even when maxed out. I wouldn’t personally reach for Super Massive as my default room reverb, but it works well in this scenario.

Virgo has a lot going on in the background and serves more as a versatile delay mode than a sound design reverb from my own experimentation. The overall attack stage of the early reflections means the sound is more immediately felt.

In my personal opinion, the latest two modes only help to elevate Super Massive. This was already one of the best sound design reverbs you could snag, and that is ignoring the overall cost of it. For free, you simply cannot top Valhalla Super Massive.

I’m looking forward to exploring the new modes more in the coming days, as I’ve mostly cooled my heels on Black Friday purchases.

The update is free, as is the plugin, so what are you doing reading this? Super Massive is available for Mac and Windows computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX.

Download: Super Massive (FREE)


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  1. Super Massive was always one of my favorite reverb plug-ins (it is still under delay in my list hehe).
    Thanks for the info! :)

  2. Aberrant DSP has released Lofi Oddity, a free toolkit for sonic destruction and experimentation:

  3. Supermassive is one of the best free plugins ever released – and it keeps getting better. Many thanks, ValhallaDSP and BPB!

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