Audiolatry Releases RetroSynth And FREE RetroSynth Lite Synth Plugins


Audiolatry just released the RetroSynth and RetroSynth Lite virtual instrument plugins for Windows and macOS. RetroSynth is now available for €8, which is 71% off the list price of €28, and the RetroSynth Lite is free!

The sounds for the RetroSynth Lite are based on vintage synthesizers, although Audiolatry has added manipulation with effects for a unique retro-modern interpretation.

The developer states the plugin is right at home for creating “sparkling melodies and hooks” for retro music, synth-wave, lo-fi, pop, EDM and related genres.

Here’s a video demo of the paid plugin in action, and it showcases a wide variety of sounds that definitely could have plenty of applications for making beats. 

RetroSynth Lite has eight multi-sampled presets, which are all also featured in the full version.

The free version also has LFO modulation, ADSR envelope as well as lowpass and highpass filter and cutoff. 

The plugin features the following effects: chorus, reverb, delay, and distortion.

Audiolatry also included a voice mode, glide, velocity curve selector, MIDI velocity selector, global gain, global pan, and a cabinet module.

The RetroSynth plugins are available for VST, VST3, and AU for Windows (64-bit only) and macOS.

The full version of the RetroSynth has 87 multi-sampled presets, which is the main feature that distinguishes it from the free version. 

Both versions share the same basic design, with the same effects and parameters available. This makes RetroSynth Lite one of the more full-featured free rompler plugins available. 

That said, with the paid version being so cheap, it’s not gonna hit the wallet much to get all those extra sounds if you like what you’re hearing from the free version.

Audiolatry is currently running a Cyber Week sale and has its entire inventory of plugins on sale. 

The savings range from 64% to 80% off. The Retrovibes synth has the biggest discount, being priced at €3, which is 80% off. 

If you’ve already destroyed your wallet on Black Friday sales, then never fear, as the company also has a huge array of free plugins available on their website, as well as two free sample packs. 

The company’s lineup of plugins is aimed at providing sounds for the following music styles: lo-fi, synth-wave, hip-hop, ambient, retro pop, cinematic, and EDM.

Check out the deal: RetroSynth (71% off – now €8)

Download: RetroSynth Lite (FREE)


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