HoRNet ThirtyOne MK2 Is FREE Today Only (OFFER EXPIRED)


HoRNet Plugins offers the ThirtyOne MK2 (€20,99 value) plugin as a FREE download until midnight on December 6 (GMT+1).

ThirtyOne MK2 is a 31-band spectrum analyzer with a built-in graphic equalizer and Auto EQ functionality. I prefer using parametric EQs for mixing, but ThirtyOne MK2 surprised me with its intuitive spectrum analysis display and surprisingly precise automatic equalization.

The plugin’s spectrum analyzer display mimics the analog behavior with smooth LED lighting and a 20dB/octave filter.

The LED response speed is adjustable (0.25, 1, or 4 seconds), allowing visualization of both fast peaks and average frequency levels. Each LED represents 1, 2, 3, or 6 dB and includes a unique peak hold LED for each band.

Below the analyzer, there are 31 sliders for the graphic equalizer, each controlling a standard one-third octave second-order filter, adjustable from -15 to +15 dB.

The Auto EQ feature uses the spectrum analyzer output to set the equalizer for optimal harmonic balance. It offers three algorithms: Average, Median, and Lucky (a serendipitous discovery).

The spectrum analyzer’s speed impacts the Auto EQ, with faster settings tracking quick frequency changes.

Another helpful feature is the Compensation Curve, which allows users to offset the Auto EQ output, providing more control over the resultant EQ curve. Users can save and load their compensation curves to speed up the mixing workflow.

Lastly, it is also possible to bypass, solo, or disable each equalizer band for Auto EQ. Despite its complex feature set, I found the plugin extremely easy to use while testing it. This is mainly due to the well-designed interface and the intuitive control layout that doesn’t confuse the user with unnecessary features. 

ThirtyOne MK2 typically costs €20,99, but you can get it for free during the limited-time deal on the HoRNet Plugins website.

However, the free download offer expires very soon, so you should hurry up if you want to claim the plugin for free. You can get ThirtyOne MK2 for free until midnight on December 6 (GMT+1).

To get ThirtyOne MK2 for free, visit the product page below, add the plugin to your shopping cart, and complete the free checkout process. You will instantly receive the plugin installer and serial key.

Please note that the developer’s website is slow at the moment due to high amounts of traffic.

ThirtyOne MK2 offers scalability, hardware acceleration, macOS and Windows support, and compatibility with AU, VST2.4, VST3, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and macOS (including Apple Silicon).

UPDATE: The offer has expired.

Get the deal: ThirtyOne MK2 (FREE for a limited time via HoRNet Plugins)


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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Caught it, thanks Tomislav!

    Am wondering if this could potentially be a good upgrade/replacement for Voxengo MarvelGEQ which has had a solid place within my workflow for the past few years. (Trying to fully transition to parametric EQ’s, but the more “oldschool” part of me still finds using a good-ol graphic EQ like “comfort food”.)

  2. I love Hornet’s plugins, buggy as they are, but incredibly functional. Their Valvola plugin is great on snares, and their Analog plugin really brings the warmth. This ThirtyOne MK2 reminds me of the old spectrum analyzers on the EQs from the 80s. Very entertaining to say the least.

  3. I second the comment above, Hornet plugins are fantastic, indeed. Their saturation is fantastic there is hardly a plugin not worth trying.
    This particular one can give you a completely new perspective of how your mix should sound. Furthermore, I got an idea I yet have to try out: Using it as a room correction tool by feeding the auto correction mode a continuous sine sweep, captured with a measurement mic. That could turn out to be quite useful.

    • i think for room correction in a studio context it is more sensible to use parametric eq. first thing is that the bands in an 31band graphic eq have a fixed frequency, so you cannot target the specific frequencies exactly and second you cant change the bandwidth of the filter, so no narrow notches possible.

  4. This Hornet ThirtyOne Graphic Mk2 is surprisingly good.
    I have quite a few of their plugins but I had overlooked this one until this Summer ’23.
    The Auto function will surprise many.
    To get it for Free is a bonus.

    • That’s standard of basically all audio sites. Pretty sure HoRNet isn’t out to steal your info… I mean, I guess Saverio *could be pulling a looong con on ya’… an 11 year con… sounds likely. XD

      • Frits van Zanten


        I don’t mistrust them, but they can be hacked. Happens all the time. Leaving your data here, there and everywhere unnecessarily (billing address, credit card number etc. in case of no payment) increases the chance of identity theft.

  5. Sadly only saw the BPB newsletter at the last minute. Logged into Hornet and selected the EQ but was then held in a queue – midway between leaving the main page and getting to ‘My Basket’ the clock tipped over midnight – price jumped straight back up to 29.99!! Oh well, some you win, some you lose, I guess! Still, thanks BPB for continuing to keep us informed with great deals every week :-)

  6. This has either expired or not working. It’s not free and it’s only 4pm on the 5th just now. The cart shows the full price. They also seem to have some kind of advent calendar for members claiming each day will have a new discount code but you are unable to click on any of the days. It’s really broken.

  7. I have to correct you. You stated that HoRNet ThirtyOne MK2 Is FREE Today Only. From what I am seeing this IS NOT TRUE!! When I put it in my cart it is trying to charge me the full price. When I visit their website the message I see is that the UPDATE for this plugin is free for people that ALREADY OWN IT!

    However, NO WHERE on his website does it mention that this plugin is free!

    • That was yesterday, December 5. However Hornet often give away plugins for free, so chances are this opportunity returns.
      It should also be noted that this is an excellent plugin, so it would definitely be worth the price.

  8. I believe Hornet’s site is operating on Italian time, so most of these promotions are over by the time people see these posts

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