Cymatics Releases FREE Memory Analog Chorus Plugin


Cymatics has just released Memory, a freeware vintage chorus plugin for Mac and Windows users.

The inspiration for the plugin comes from the renowned guitar pedal Shallow Water, and it borrows its analog nature with subtle pitch fluctuations.

Memory has a slick and modern-looking interface, with a handy visual representation of the effect in action in the top-right of the display.

The Depth parameter controls the strength of the random modulation acting on the signal’s pitch.  The more you turn it up, the more jarring results you can get out of this plugin.

The Rate controls how often the random pitch fluctuations occur. If you’re after a more natural-sounding chorus effect, you want to set this to low percentage values.

The aforementioned parameters work in tandem with the Smooth slider, which applies a smoothing effect to the random pitch fluctuation.

The adjustable Noise slider lets you inject the desired amount of analogue-modelled noise into the signal. This is useful if you want to remove the noise from the equation and only stick with the “positive” aspects of analog equipment.

Another distinctive feature of Cymatics Memory is an envelope-following low-pass filter.

The Filter knob controls how strongly the envelope filter reacts to the incoming audio, while the Sensitivity knob defines the lowest frequency of the filter in a range between 10 Hz to 4Khz.

The Highpass switch activates a fixed highpass filter for removing unwanted bass frequencies that can be redundant.

The Double switch engages two independent delay lines if you want to get lush, spacious sounds.

Finally, you can access the usual suspects of Input Gain, Output Gain, and Mix parameters.

Input and Output Gain have a range of -36 dB up to +36 dB, which is quite extreme.

Memory comes with 16 factory presets that showcase some creative applications of the effect, with the added possibility of saving your own.

The interface can’t be manually resized, but you can choose between three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Overall, Memory has a nice, vibe-inducing effect, following the trend of Lo-Fi-inspired plugins. To download it, you will need to fill out a short form and subscribe to the Cymatics newsletter.

If you like analog chorusing, check out our free BPB Dirty VHS plugin. It models the chorusing you’d get by recording a signal to multiple VHS tapes and playing them simultaneously.

Download: Memory (FREE after subscribing to the Cymatics newsletter)


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  1. Free Native Instruments christmas gift: Glaze vocal instrument

    • I had no issues whatsoever downloading, installing and authorizing it. I’m on Win10. Enjoy your Apple products. Keep thinking differently and wasting time on a regular basis when we know life is short. Really cool plugin! Just when I’m starting to dip my toes into modulation. Many thanks, Cymatics.

      • Paradoxically in the audio realm Linux users (famous for loving complicated things and making them more complicated to enjoy them more) have less compatibility problems using occult things such as Wine/Yabridge than Mac users dealing with Apple’s lysergic release cycles

  2. I have a love hate relationship with Cymatics. Get past the fomo marketing tactics and the never ending stream of emails, and they do some top quality samples and free packs. The plugins are top notch. Origin is still one of the best free lofi plugins out there and memory is a perfect compliment.

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