Once Upon A Time

In Gallery

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
499 Van Brunt Street,
Red Hook, Brooklyn, 11231
Gallery Exhibition Dates:
Weekends Oct 3 - Oct 25
Opening Reception:
Saturday, Oct 3 from 1-6 PM

This work is about fairy tales and child abuse. Fairy tales offer hope and redemption. Child abuse causes children to become hopeless and more times than not, there isn't anyone to save them. In my version of Red Riding Hood, The Beast, you will see a small codex that has a stanza from a poem by Ellen Bass who talks about childhood sexual abuse. There is a general rule that the longer these issues go before they are uncovered, the harder it is for the person to deal with them, and they are tormented well into adulthood. Fairy tales help children to learn how to deal with scary situations. In Little Ruth, I have used the story of The Red Shoes in which the child has to experience the consequences of needing something outside herself to deal with her tragic life situation. Children don't always survive the pain and they don't always have happy endings. Lastly, Little John, who has been blinded by all that has passed through his life and knows that dragons exist. Here in this art work, I have written my own tale for Little John. John is a boy that has all he needs to kill the dragon and perhaps even find the Holy Grail. He wears the bones of his ancestors who are there to assist him and has wise owl glasses to be able to see what is right. He carries a compass to help navigate through the jungle and his pain, a winged lion is at his command and will assist and protect him. The truth is we cannot always write our beginnings, but we can write our endings. The poems Little Ruth and Little John were written by my son Robert John aka Bobby Blue and full versions can be found by clicking the link Little John or Little Ruth