Little Ruth

When the sun goes down in this child's eye,
Fearing the night: she starts to cry.
For she knows too well, with all her sorrow,
What lies ahead in this tomorrow,

Every night it's always the same,
Leaving her hurt and feeling the blame.
Even now she can hear him coming;
And the fear inside her starts its running.

As she tries to hurry and fall asleep,
Into her room the monster does creep.
He whispers in her ear, "You better not tell;"
And the fear inside her starts to swell.

"Please Daddy don't" is all she can say,
As he tears at her clothes and has his way.
This crime takes place almost every night,
Destroying her sense of wrong or right.

Sometimes he'd beat her to make her obey.
If by his rules she wouldn't play.
As she lays in bed clothes tom, left tattered.
Her mind is broken, completely shattered.

When the monster is gone away.
The child kneels down, starts to pray;
"Dear God. Please stop Daddy from hurting me.
I'll be a good girl. You just wait and see."
Her prayers go unanswered, the abuse goes on,
And life becomes Hell for this little swan.

When she finally lays down to go to sleep,
All confused and hurt, she starts to weep.
For she knows too well, with all her sorrow,
What lies ahead in the next tomorrow.

Little Ruth grows up, taking all she can bear,
And runs away with little care.
She dreams of being a dancer, dancing on stage
Her dreams go unanswered. She never turns that page.

With nowhere to go, nothing to eat.
Till she comes upon an abuser who gains her trust;
And out on a comer she is thrust

To sell her body for the highest price.
He hooked her on drugs. Gave her a vice. Money is his motive;
it's all he holds dear.
So when she tries to run away or disappear,

He beats her down from head to toe;
And its back on a comer for this little doe.
Till one day a customer gets rough
And she runs away, she's had enough.

She wants to start over, make it right,
But her abuser catches up the very next night.
He won't let her go.
He wants her to pay
So he beats her down in an awful way.

She cries out in pain, for her plight,
But none of her pleas are heard that night.
They found her in an alley, all broken and battered.
Left there to die like she never mattered.

And with her last breath, they heard her say,
"Please God, take this pain away."
Now there'll be no dancing for this little soul.
For her dreams were taken. Her tomorrow stole.

Although this is a story and not the truth.
There are many out there like little Ruth

Bobby Blue c 2000