Little John

When the sun rises in this child eye,
fearing the day, he starts to cry.
For he knows too well with all his sorrow,
What lies ahead in this tomorrow.

Every day is always the same,
leaving him hurt and feeling the pain.
Even now he can hear them fight,
Daddy hitting mommy with all his might.

He knows soon it will come his way,
living through this abuse every day.
Trembling inside he hides under the bad,
waiting for the beating that lies ahead.

When hearing his father come down the hall,
tears fill his eyes he starts to bawl.
His father comes in and finds him there,
crying and shaking in a state of despair.

Please Daddy don't, he cries out in vain,
because all he feels are fist of pain.
When the torturer has gone away,
the child kneels down and starts to pray.

Dear God, please stop Daddy from hurting me
I'll be a good boy; you just wait and see.
His prayers go unanswered the abuse goes on
and life becomes Hell for Little John.

When he finally lies down to go to sleep,
all bruised and battered he's starts to weep.
For he knows too well with all his sorrow,
what lies ahead in the next tomorrow

Little John grows up from boy to man,
goes to the world, to be what he can.
But his painful past haunts him well,
his father's demons have cast their spell.

They took his sight, left him blind,
with all the hurt in his mind.
Stumbling through life, he goes astray.
starts taking drugs, looses his way.

He only took them to numb the pain,
but got hooked and couldn't abstain.
He starts selling drugs to support his need,
controlled by an obsession he has to feed.

In selling to a cop, he caught a sale.
Committing this crime, he goes to jail.
The Judge sentenced him six to life,
now he's forced to live by the knife.

Because in jail he don't know how to act,
with an abuser, he makes a pact.
Now the abuse will go on for little John,
if he never learns how to be a con.
For I know too well, with all MY sorrow,
What lies ahead in the next tomorrow

By Bobby Blue C 2000